I have been engaged with process improvement for a little while before I was introduced to the BPISTEPS™ framework. I think one of the things this framework really bring is a very structured approach for process improvement and thinking about process problems. One of my personal takeaways is, this has been drummed into me by this framework driven tool again and again is on exploring and testing quality management practices and theories. So many times we seem to know the answer to process problems but when you test it out with data and really test it, is that theory correct. You can change the direction of those things that conventional wisdom that you thought was correct, you can actually go away and you can take a different course with set of suggested techniques and tools. And that is one of the most powerful things I have found and is something I use in my day to day.

- Linda Cook (Process Improvement Manager)


'I'm the process owner, you are the change agent – get it? '. As leaders of change, we know this old fashioned attitude isn't an effective approach when dealing with business improvements. It can lead to a series of unhelpful behaviours, such as tampering, and a degree of tension can develop between change team and process executers. It is a position that can be hard to come back from. It hampers your ability to work together on improvements and in some cases can make the future relationship potentially unsustainable.

In addition, if your team are not using same tools/techniques and methods of improvement, then the chances are that you won't be speaking the same language. That can mean miscommunication, misunderstanding and lost opportunities.

I have had some interesting conversations on this subject with Dr Asmi Ali when I met her in the annual Lean Summit event. She introduced BPISTEPS™ framework to me and granted me a permission to use it for a few months and share the learnings whilst she was busy designing the BPISTEPS™ app.
Using this framework, what I realised that whilst gut reaction was telling us what process related problems we should be focusing our attention on, we didn't have sufficient evident to support our theories.

The good news is that BPISTEPS™ framework provided us a structured approach for business process improvement from start to finish. It enabled us to have common language and thinking, helped us to plan, learn and execute improvement initiatives in more structured manner. The success of business change comes through developing skills of your people to intervene constructively and BPISTEPS™ framework helps you to achieve that goal.


- Andrew Burton (Change Project Manager)


'In order to be successful manger you need to manage business processes, manage continuous improvement of the work that is performed, deliver products and services that meet your customer needs, and contribute towards ongoing development of a customer focused organisation – but how do you do this? This BPISTEPS™ framework is the answer.

The BPISTEPS™ framework is essential for all change managers, team leaders and process owners looking to continuously improve their product and services. This BPISTEPS™ app gives you the opportunity to take control of your improvement initiatives to deliver consistent and predictable levels of improvement with performance and once seized, to maintain these gains through continuous process improvement. You will be able to focus on standardising, maintaining and improving performance of your business processes. It will even help you know what to do when things go wrong and how to avoid continual fire-fighting!

- Jerry Werner (Business Change Manager)


If you or a member of your team/organisation has completed the Accreditation courses on Quality Management practices, you may wish to know what's next in terms of keeping the knowledge fresh, this app will help you – whether that's for you, your team, your department or for your organisation. This app is your opportunity to grow both in knowledge and experience. A deeper skill set means we can be more effective in our current role and are able to support our team.

- Stephanie Godfrey (Learning and Development Manager)


Getting change initiatives right can be extremely challenging: 60 to 70% of business change initiatives end in failure and consequent losses in revenue, productivity, and competitiveness. Employees feel the stress of change initiatives directly – and change-stressed employees perform 5% worse than the average employee. This problem has never been so challenging:

This problem has never been so challenging:

70% of change agents say these business process changes are more complex than they've ever been.
60% of change managers say they don't have the right experience to guide them.

The BPISTEPS™framework provides systematic learnings of the fundamentals of business process improvement you can give your employees to help them adapt and thrive.Move your team's approach beyond containing and correcting problems to continuous performance improvement.

- Matt Clayton (Business Improvement Manager)


This app allows you to gain core competencies in Quality Management practices that teaches the best process improvement tools/techniques/methods and their application driven by powerful improvement framework.

- Richard Smith (Process improvement lead)


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