BPISTEPS™ is the flagship application of Adiba Technology - a fast growing mobile application company that has a portfolio of several apps. Our apps have users in over 30 countries.

BPISTEPS™ is the first business improvement app to offer a framework-driven approach. It contains guidance and templates that are all accessible from your iPad.

The BPISTEPS™ framework was designed and developed by Dr. Asmi Ali, a Lean Six-Sigma practitioner and a coach with several years of experience in the field of business process management. To create this framework, Dr. Ali undertook extensive research and developed this framework.

There is no current framework that is simple to follow and presents ideas from quality improvement approaches which can be used to improve business processes. Dr. Ali explored this problem and created BPISTEPS™ framework.

This BPISTEPS™ app includes all of the methods, tools, techniques and templates that are needed to deliver business process improvement projects on time and successfully. This is also the first business app to include built in assessment tools, so that you can check and monitor the readiness for change within your organisation. This is by far the most comprehensive process improvement app available on the marketplace today.

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